DevSecOps is the natural extension of DevOps. The process is meant to do two things: It can either take the benefits that DevOps gives to the development and operations branches of your IT department and extend them to the security team or it can integrate the security processes that need to be done into the DevOps team. In Cloud Destinations, we provide the following services in DevSecOps.

  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Automation & Configuration Management
  • Security tooling & Software Delivery Pipeline in CI/CD

Cloud Security Assessment:

The Cloud Security Assessment is part of a global Cloud Cybersecurity Strategy to secure critical assets along your path towards the Cloud. Cloud security assessments leverage expert evaluations to discover vulnerabilities in a cloud architecture that could potentially be exploited and lead to a data breach.


  • Data Management & Environment
  • Cloud Cyber Threat
  • Logs and Audit Trail
  • Infrastructure Assessment

Automation & Configuration Management:

Automation is the use of software to perform tasks, such as configuration management, in order to reduce cost, complexity, and errors. Through automation, a configuration management tool can provision a new server within minutes with less room for error.


  • Business Process Automation
  • Application maintenance and support (AMS)
  • Security Configuration Management

Security tooling & Software Delivery Pipeline in CI/CD:

Security and compliance can be challenging when managing a CI/CD pipeline that centers around containers. However, by adopting the right approaches, DevOps teams can harden and secure their CI/CD pipeline.


  • Integrated Security Analysis
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)